Here's What Server Lifters Can Do For You

If you have to move your company to a new building and need to take servers along with you, you know you need something like a server lifter to get the job done. But these are not just random pieces of equipment that you have to have because someone else said so. Server lifters help keep you and your co-workers safe, and they can help keep the servers safe even if you aren't moving your company.

Save Your Back

Back injuries can occur from lifting even light items — all you have to do is twist the wrong way, and you can end up with strained muscles. If you're lifting something with any weight, the injury and pain could be worse. Servers aren't necessarily heavy if you take them apart, but no one has time to wait for the components to be disconnected and then reconnected. Moving servers is easier if you can keep the components together and just use a lift. Note that lifters are adjustable in terms of height, so tall racks of servers can still be moved without much trouble.

Stability Rules

You could try to move servers by having a team of people working together, but then there's the issue of stability. Human error during moving — in other words, dropping things — is very common. Dropping a server bank would be devastating to your company. Lifters offer wide platforms and stable wheels that keep the server in place on the lifter. Those using the lifter still have to be careful when pulling or pushing it along, lest the lifter hit a bump or rough patch, but overall, the server will be in a more stable position.

Avoiding Moisture

And it's not just moving to a new location that can necessitate the use of a server lifter. If there's been a spill in the server room, or if a pipe burst in the building's plumbing, for example, you can use the lifter to keep the server above the surface of the water. If you have several servers, you can move them to a dry room while you take care of the leak.

Companies that rely heavily on electronic information and who have servers onsite would benefit from keeping a server lifter or two at the ready. The cost of the lifters is nothing compared to the cost of losing a server or injuring workers who try to move the server without a lifter. For more information, contact a business such as Rack Lift.