Four Tips To Help You Build A Silent, Compact HTPC For Your Home Theatre

If you want to have the most modern entertainment for your home theatre center, there are many essential features you want to have. An HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer) can give you everything you want for your entertainment. If you do your own custom build, the sky is the limit for the things you will be able to do. Here are some things to create a console killing, silent HTPC:

1. Start With The Form Factor And A Good Case With Ample Space

Form factor is the size and type of case you will use. Tower designs may not be the best for a home entertainment center. There are also compact and mini PC cases to make your system look more like home theatre equipment, such as sound systems and DVD players. When looking for a case, look for one that has support for things like extra storage. If you want a silent system, you will also want to have one with a fanless design.

2. Choosing A Motherboard That Provides You With Everything You Need

There are also many choices for motherboards available. You will want one that fits the type of case that you have purchased. You can get boards with integrated processors, but may be limited in their performance. If you use processors that are not integrated, consider also using a case that has a heatsink design, which will help to reduce overheating problems. If you only plan on doing light gaming and watching media, an integrated processor can be more affordable.

3. The Hardware Components And Storage To Give You The Best Performance

The hardware and storage you choose is also important. You can choose from a variety of fanless graphics cards for your PC.  If you do light gaming, some of the low-end GPU cards can provide you with what you need for things like HD video. For storage, solid state or SDD can be a good choice for hard disks. SDD hard disks are not only quieter, but are much faster than conventional optical drive disks.

4. Choosing OS, Apps And Software To Get Everything You Need

Lastly, you will want to choose an OS (operating system), apps and software for your system. You may want to choose from some of the popular commercial operating systems for your PC. There are also open source OS software available. You can make your system dual boot, which means that it has more than one operating system installed. This can allow you to have the commercial OS that you need, as well as custom builds for media servers, TV, gaming and other features.

These are some tips to help you build your own console killing HTPC, with all the entertainment you will ever need. If you are ready to start building your machine, contact a computer store in Fort McMurray to get everything you need for your build.